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In times of ill health and accidents we put our trust in the medical profession to put us on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, medical practitioners are only human and they can sometimes make mistakes. When this happens it can seriously affect your well-being.

JFS act on behalf of clients who have suffered clinical negligence for a variety of reasons. In addition to GP, care home and hospital based negligence, our clients include people with dental negligence claims and those who have suffered serious injuries.

Our specialist clinical negligence lawyers are experienced in dealing with a range of issues related to medical errors and poor levels of care. As well as fighting for a fair level of compensation, we will assist and support you at every stage. We can help in the following cases:

Medical negligence

Dental claims

Many of us become anxious about visiting the dentist. Although most visits to the dentist run smoothly, dentists can sometimes make mistakes causing unnecessary anguish.

If you’ve had the misfortune to suffer from dental errors, our experienced dental negligence lawyers are here to advise you. We offer a specialist service for dental negligence claims and will support you, ensuring that you are compensated for any discomfort and inconvenience.

Our clinical negligence lawyers are on hand to give you expert advice on all matters relating to clinical negligence claims in the above areas. If you would like any help, please get in touch using the number below.

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