Protecting your reputation

At JFS we understand the impact that libellous comments can have on a business or an individual. That’s why our specialists in defamation and libel law work diligently on your behalf to defend you in such cases.

Our services apply in the following instances:

  • Where you or your business is a victim of defamation whether slander or libel
  • Where you or your business is being accused of defamation
  • Where you are seeking advice in advance of publication to prevent a case of libel being brought against you

Defamation is the name given to language that damages the reputation of a business or person. Where the language is used orally the defamation is known as slander whereas written defamation is known as libel.

Help Defending a Defamation Case

If your business becomes the victim of defamation the consequences can be devastating, tarnishing your company’s reputation and causing loss of customers. In this instance it is crucial to seek legal advice in order to mitigate any damage as soon as possible. Our experts can advise you on the right course of action and give appropriate legal support.

Advice Regarding Libel

As well as defending you if you are concerned about potential defamatory accusations, we provide pre-publication advice. Expert advice prior to publication can help you to understand the implications of any published materials and often avoids libel cases. Claims relating to defamation can be raised in relation to material published through any of the following media:

  • Television and radio
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Websites and emails
  • Employee references

We can offer guidance as to what can be considered defamatory. Our team of legal experts are used to representing individuals as well as companies whether you are accused of defamation or defending an action. We can be easily contacted using the phone number or email address below.